Horowitz supporter admitted “New McCarthyism”–but seeks dialogue

A brief note: gregmc33 and I have begun a more meaningful and less threatening conversation. So I believe he no longer seeks to go “McCarthy” on me. We’ll see. Thanks, Greg. To tell you the truth, I have always doubted the utility of arguing with people who start off on the attack. But this latest round about academic freedom, I have discovered that dialogue may be possible. Who knew?

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I won’t sugar coat it, I don’t think any of you should doubt the seriousness of the “new McCarthyism”. Many of us consider you traitors to this nation. You are supposed to teach communications not spew your leftist hate America/anti-capitalism propaganda.

You have apparently overstepped your bounds. I would presume you don’t feel so brave and progressive now do you? You have the freedom to spew whatever kind of hatred you choose to but you should not be doing so on someone else’s dime. You are supposed to be an educator, not a Marxist indoctrinator.


I do get conservative fan mail too . . .

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Hello Dr. Cloud…

I just heard your interview with Laura Ingraham and David Horowitz this morning (I think it was a “Best of” show on her program).

While I consider myself to be firmly planted as a conservative Republican, I must say that I think I would have been lucky to have you as a professor when I was in college 20 years ago. While I don’t agree with probably most of your views, I can tell by listening to you that I would have really enjoyed your class, and I believe you when you say you value open discussion and debate.

You are articulate and clear, and I get the sense that you probably are exactly what we need on our college campuses today.

Ms. Ingraham misses the point of what you represent: while I am a full supporter of our capitalist, dog-eat-dog system, I agree with you that we cannot teach our students to think for themselves unless we introduce them to other viewpoints. Just as one who only watches MSNBC or only watches Fox News is doomed to have their own similar views reinforced, the true seeker of knowledge will pick up The Nation AND News Max, will watch MSNBC AND Fox News, will listen to NPR AND Rush Limbaugh… well, you get the message.

Bravo to you… I am going to google your name today and see if you have any books out there. Loved hearing you today – you didn’t sound shrill; you sounded EDUCATED!



On 4/4/07 12:52 PM,
I would like you to know that I have always considered myself to be moderate to slightly conservative. That was until I heard you on the radio with either Bill O’reilly or Sean Hannity ( I can’t remember which). I think that you made your points and handled yourself very well; that made me think and start to re-evaluate my own views.

Keep up the great work,

Academic Freedom TX style

 Victory! After so many people showed up to testify against this resolution, Chair of the Subcommittee on Higher Education Judith Zaffarini declared that she would not have a “culture war” in her committee. Senator Wentworth withdrew his bill.

There is currently a resolution before the Subcommittee on Higher Education that echoes the language of Horowitz’s grossly misnamed “Academic Bill of Rights.” scr-3.pdf


Along with a number of students and some great organizers from Free Exchange on Campus, I went on 3/26 to testify before the house subcommittee. Senator Wentworth didn’t bother showing up to present his resolution, so it was tabled. I’ll post my testimony and others’ later, so stay tuned . . .

Spies in our classrooms

This from Jeff Schneider on March 10:

Hello Professor Cloud,

I just finished reading your article in Socialist Worker on Horowitz and “academic freedom”.  I don’t have time to explain every detail, but I would simply like to encourage you and your colleagues to fight this nonsense with everything you have.

I recently finished graduate school at little ole Rhode Island College School of Social Work.  A paid minion of Horowitz and a group called FIRE infiltrated our school and tape recorded classes dealing with highly confidential material and proceeded to post it all on the web, sue my professor, sue the school and make himself a hero in the eyes of many right wing groups for doing so.  It was a real distraction and as a socialist I felt obligated to take the time to refute every ignorant claim he had about the welfare state and bias in the curriculum.  This was a long and arduous task.

The school remained neutral, a major mistake, legislation was proposed in our state over these events.  Oddly enough this Orwellian “Academic Freedom” goes a long way with people, their tactics are effective (namely because Horowitz learned it all from the Left) and it is troublesome.

This issue should not be passed over.  It needs to be confronted directly.  The main reason I say this is because by the time average students are educated as to the complexity of this nonsense it is too late.  This infiltrator took straight D grades, didn’t care a hoot about social work, and basically left.  He was a mole 100%, no kidding…

you can still view many websites for all the gritty details.  Hopefully this will be enough of an example for all the folks who want to ignore this to realize action must be taken.

here –


http://www.thefire.org/index.php/case/669.html (note the reprinting online of confidential letters)




http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=17862 (Horowitz himself backing this mole)


thank you and best wishes,

Jeffrey Schneider, LCSW – Providence, RI